How it goes. Learn to dive for the first time

If this will be your first diving experience, we are sure you have some questions, about what is actually happening, when, how and we’ll try to answer them within this article.

Your scuba diving experience will have 4 major steps:

  1. theoretical briefing in the center;
  2. get to know and prepare the equipment;
  3. get into the water, on shore and have a preparatory quick briefing;
  4. start the underwater adventure.

Among other facts you’ll learn how to use a SCUBA unit, how to empty the water mask, equalize the pressure to enjoy comfortable diving.

We’re all about safety and we encourage all our clients to pay attention to both briefings and to ask questions when something is not clear. We want to offer you the best possible experience!

Our crew also offers great photography services so in the water just have fun and create lasting memories!